Protect Yourself While Managing Your Accounts

Every time you open a new account you need to create an ever more difficult password: longer, using numbers, capitals, and symbols. How can anyone remember all these passwords? WISeID Personal Data Protector will put you back in control of the access to your life. You only need one password to access WISeID from which you can log into your favorite web sites and services with one click.

WISeKey’s WISeID offers secured storage to protect personally identifiable information (PII), which can be used to identify, contact, locate or trace a person, or even to commit identity theft. The personal data collected by WISeID always stays under your control, and is never communicated to third parties.

Military-Grade Encryption

When your information is stored in WISeID it becomes encrypted. What this means is that in addition to the password protection of the app, your information is not stored in plain text, but rather a complex algorithm is used to encode the data. This means that even if you mobile device is lost or stolen, no hacker can read the information you have stored inside of it.

No Central Server to be Hacked

The personal data collected in WISeID is decentralized and always stays under your control on the mobile device or in the cloud. WISeKey does not store your data or your passwords, so there is no threat of a centralize database system being infiltrated, and thus your personal information is not vulnerable.

Your Master Password

When you first use WISeID you create a Master Password which will be the only means to unlock the data inside the app. This is your key to access your information, and of course, you should treat it as securely as you would the key to your home. Remember: WISeKey does not store your data, information, or personal details, so we also cannot retrieve your password should you lose it.

Secure Messaging

WISeID sends encrypted messages to allow you to deliver completely private communications. You can try for yourself how easy it is to use our encryption service online at Feature Highlight. The text of a message is encrypted and cannot be read without the key to decode the text. You set the key and you can change it for different messages and recipients. The encrypted text is not limited to messaging, but can be used in any communications service, including e-mail or chat, Twitter or Facebook.

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